This wine still remains my favourite, its status confirmed by a bottle of it that I enjoyed over the weekend. So it gets hailed as “Wine of the Week” once more.

Originally posted on The Cork:

It is best that I begin with possibly my all time favourite affordable red wine, and also the wine that first got me hooked on Italian reds.  In truth it is best I nail my colours to the mast from the getgo, I absolutely adore Italian red wine, man may not be able to live on bread alone but on Italian red it may just be possible.  What can I say about Salice Salentino, the taste of it reminds one of the warmth of southern  Italy, the clear blue skies and seas, the smell of olive groves, the sight of vineyards, almost the flavour of history.  After all wine has been produced in this area since the sixth century BC….  Anyways to basics….

Its a robust wine, with a creamy bitter chocolate character with a slight fig flavour and a hint of oakiness that perfectly complements traditional Italian cuisine and…

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