Possibly time to introduce myself, well I am from the glorious Peoples Republic of Cork.  I enjoy wine and beer, but not to the extent that I should be seriously considering it a problem.  I have a WSET Certificate in Wine which increased my affinity for the noble vine.  Initially my intention for this blog was purely to draw attention to what I consider to be some of the nicest affordable wines out there.

However as one may have noticed my discovery of Ale has lead me down an unexpected and most delicious path.  Hence the increasing frequency of ale and beer reviews and while I still very much enjoy wine I just have not been drinking as much of it as previously.  Therefore I have decided to take the following approach from now on, I will (more than likely via my itouch) blog what I am drinking with a brief comment accompanied by a pic of the particular brew with the intention of writing a proper review at a later date.  I will do at least one wine reviews a month.

Anyone wants to know more, feel free to contact me.

Forti et Fideil Nihil Difficile

One thought on “About

  1. Good day,

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    Would you be interested in reviewing our walking tours in Cork or posting a “Look for reviewers” announcement for us in your blog? We offer reward to people who send us feedback. The reviewers will receive gift codes for our iOS walking tours apps. Each gift code is good for a free walking tour iPhone app download, normally priced at US$4.99. We have walking tour apps covering all major cities in the world.

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    Xena Copilova

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